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January, 2023

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6 Week Great Yoga Wall Series Therapeutic yoga in the lyengar alignment tradition. Using a support wall with straps that support the body; Placed around hips, shoulders or on the legs while in the yoga postures to support you. This enables you to stay in the posture and focus on the breath. Eases the tension you may feel trying to hold a pose if you feel weak or have an injury. Therefore, you’re able to stretch and gradually gain strength. The breath will improve, strengthen and expand. Healthy on the joints and beneficial for the spine. When using a yoga wall we always keep tension on the wall straps. Remember the wall strap is the teacher. The strap supports the body part that is placed in it, so it will relax some muscles and provoke other muscles to engage, which causes a different balancing action of the muscles than what we are normally accustomed to, it’s a blend of support, letting go and engagement. Once you trust the process, you will begin to enjoy the journey of change and health. Space Limited to 4 Students-sign up at: Arrive 10-15 minutes early to the first class in the series to finalize registration and pay $200 tuition
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We‘re going to combine the FUN of Art Night with NEW YEAR goal setting in our
first Member Event of the year.

JOIN US at our hostess, Monica Zanetti‘s location Wild Rose Artisans for dinner, wine, beer, and soda.

Where the Fun Will Be:
115 N. Sixth Street, (parking in the old PNC parking lot just North of store).

What time: Gathering at 5:30 pm Program and Art begins at 6pm

What to Wear: Something that you can paint, paste, and spill on.

What to Bring:
1) A few magazines to share that feature Business, Home, Travel, and other "life ambitions"
2) A pair of scissors
3) Your own business and personal motivations and goals

All other supplies will be provided.

Registration is required in advance.

Cost: $20
1502 Wabash Ave Springfield. IL 62704
10:30 AM
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This 3 week session is for students that want to try The Great Yoga Wall. Students will learn how the yoga wall assisted standing and supine (laying down) yoga postures and how to hook up to and use the yoga wall safely. We will be doing only gentle inversions. So if you have a “fear of flying” or “find it hard to imaging trusting a wall to hold you” this is the perfect class to start with. We will be doing beginning yoga poses. Saving the advanced yoga wall postures for our 6 week series Registration Required-sign up at: Space Limited to only 4 students arrive 10-15 minutes early to first week to complete registration process and pay $100 tuition